OOTD: Cagsawa Ruins Photo Shooting, Ruined

My sister and I went out this morning to photo shoot/walk. The famous Mayon Volcano, in its perfect cone shape was supposedly my subject. It could look magnificent if you would include the ruined church in Cagsawa that’s why we have traveled a bit and went to Cagsawa Ruins to shoot.

Unfortunately, when we finally arrived at the place, we have realized that it was not a good day for shooting. There were lots of people shooting as well and the volcano was covered with fog or clouds that you could barely recognize it’s the Mayon Volcano that’s just hidden. See photo below:


The place was perfect for street photography though that we’ve decided to shoot for my OOTD instead. Below were the shots.



mutzii-bicol-ootd2 mutzii-bicol-ootd3

mutzii-bicol-ootd5 mutzii-bicol-ootd4




I still haven’t finished posting the last part of my Cebu Trip. Please do stay tuned.



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